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Quality of care in Free and Charitable Clinics: Creating a Roadmap to Equity

The goal of this Roadmap to Health Equity Initiative is to improve the quality of care and reduce health inequality for the millions of vulnerable and socially disadvantaged patients who seek care in Free and Charitable Clinics nationwide. 

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About the SNC

Safety Net Center is an online resource for providers and organizations in the U.S. that provide healthcare to low-income, uninsured and underinsured populations. Safety Net Center contains educational materials on a variety of clinical topics.

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We connect free medicines and supplies to health care organizations that work with low-income populations in the United States. Complete an online application in order to access entirely free medicines and supplies for your uninsured and underinsured patients and become a Partner clinic.

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Americares Signature Programs

A Resource of Americares U.S. Program

Transforming Prediabetes Care Initiative

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes by Targeting Prediabetes in the Safety Net

Prediabetes is a preventable health condition that increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. An estimated 86 million American adults have prediabetes but only one in 10 of these people are aware they have it.
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ECHO Initiative

ECHO Initiative Highlights & Benefits to Participation

A Hypertension Program for Free and Charitable Clinics is designed to advance and elevate the work of free and charitable clinics throughout country and showcase what free and charitable clinics can do as a group, with a focus on uncontrolled and resistant hypertension.
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Mental Health Initiative

Resources for the Uninsured and Underinsured with Mental Illness.

Mental illness is a significant and widespread problem in the United States – nationally, 43.8 million adults experienced a mental illness in the past year, with 10 million adults coping with a serious mental illness (SMI).
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Oral Health Low Literacy Program

Increasing Access to Oral Health for the Uninsured and Underinsured.

Access to oral health is a challenge for uninsured and underinsured individuals and their families. Safety net oral health facilities help this vulnerable population meet that challenge. This section provides tools and resources such as how- to guides, case studies, a variety of publications and links related to developing an oral health access program.
Oral Health Low Literacy Program

Medication Adherence Texting Pilot Program

Improving Medication Adherence in Free and Charitable Clinics: A pilot program using CareMessage’s texting service

Non-adherence to medication is considered to be one of the largest drug related issues. Consequences of non-adherence include worsening condition, increased comorbid diseases, increased health care costs, and death.
Medication Adherence Texting Pilot Program

National Survey of Free & Charitable Clinics

Improving Supply Chain Efficiency in the Safety Net: An Inventory Management Pilot Program for Free and Charitable Clinics

Little information exists to accurately describe the free and charitable clinic movement and community; comprehensive, and up-to-date information about even basic information such as how many free and charitable clinics exist, where they are located, how many patients they serve and what range of services they provide are not available.
National Survey of Free & Charitable Clinics

Driving Quality Outcomes

Increasing Quality Improvement in Free and Charitable Clinics.

A multi-year, multi-clinic Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition and direct clinic award program that will provide direct coaching to recipients on the transformation of care delivery and obtaining recognition from the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA); the goal of the initiative is to drive quality improvement in free and charitable clinics.
Driving Quality Outcomes

Specialized Pharmaceutical Initiatives

Walgreens Flu Voucher Program BI Produce to Give Initiative Factor it Forward

Americares manages a number of specialized pharmaceutical initiatives which include the Boehringer Ingelheim Produce to Give Initiative, Walgreens Flu Voucher Program, and Factor it Forward.
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Last year alone we delivered $117 million in
medicines and supplies to a network of more than
800 clinics and health centers. We are licensed or authorized
to distribute prescription medications in all 50 states.

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