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Below you will find links to internal and external sources of information regarding free and charitable clinics that serve a myriad of  needs. These include community clinics, care centers, hospitals, pharmacies, and social services.

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Free and Charitable Clinics

Free and Charitable Clinics

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Community Health Centers


Health centers provide services that include checkups when you are well, treatment when you are sick, complete care when you are pregnant, and immunizations and checkups for your children. Some health centers also provide mental health, substance abuse, oral health, and/or vision services. 

Rural Health Clinics


Download this directory of Rural Health Centers provided by CMS.

Health Care for the Homeless Clinics and Projects


Homeless Council is your opportunity to bring your local perspectives and struggles to the national forum on health care and housing for people experiencing homelessness

Community Behavioral Health Clinics


By helping people get back on their feet and regain their health, SAMHSA programs reduce expensive inpatient hospitalizations, emergency department usage, and involvement with the criminal justice system.

Volunteers in Medicine Clinics 


Volunteers in Medicine free clinics provide health care services to the uninsured in their communities.  To find a VIM clinic in your area, or for information on volunteering, click on the state to see where a VIM clinic is located.