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Americares Disaster Preparedness Planning Guide for Free and Charitable Clinics

Americares released a new disaster preparedness planning guide for free and charitable clinics to help these important safety net facilities continue operating during emergencies. The guide gives clinic administrators instructions on steps they can take in advance to ensure their clinics respond effectively and recover despite power outages, facility damage and other obstacles.

The project was generously funded by the GE Foundation. Providing resource toolkits to build clinic capacity is one of the GE Foundation's core strategies.

Free and charitable clinics serve low-income and uninsured patients, and large-scale natural disasters have the potential to disrupt health care services, placing patients at further risk. Americares Disaster Preparedness Planning Guide for Free and Charitable Clinics aims to help reduce those risks by providing practical preparedness guidance to clinics that play a critical role in providing primary care to vulnerable populations, but often do not have the resources to invest heavily in preparedness and mitigation activities. The guide is a step-by-step manual for emergency readiness, providing clinics with preparedness resources, practical approaches and response templates.

The links below will lead you to Americares Emergency Preparedness Guide for Free and Charitable Clinics as well as the guide checklist and guide playbook template for your reference.