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Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Resource Hub

In times of crisis, Americares provides emergency aid, including medicines, medical supplies, durable medical equipment and relief items to assist disaster survivors, responders and volunteers. 

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Become an Americares Emergency Response Partner

Ongoing partners of Americares U.S. Program automatically qualify for emergency assistance. In the event of an emergency, Americares Emergency Response team contacts Americares ongoing partners first to assess immediate needs and provide rapid assistance.

In times of disaster, Americares donations are available to patients, responders, volunteers affected by or engaged in responding to the disaster regardless of their financial status. Americares Emergency Response team sends lists of available products to ongoing partners responding to a disaster; partners can then request the supplies they need. There is no cost involved with partnership and all product orders are shipped at no cost to your organization. During an emergency, ongoing partners do not use Americares online ordering website, USAccess, to request emergency assistance. 

Read More about the U.S. Emergency Response program (PDF)

  • Become an Ongoing Partner

    Become an ongoing partner and learn more about Americares U.S. Program. Ongoing partners are under no obligation to order or request product. Recommended for organizations not currently responding to a disaster

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  • Emergency Support Only

    If your organization is not interested in receiving ongoing donations of medicines, medical supplies, vaccines, and hygiene products for your low income patients and is only interested in emergency support, click hereRecommended for organizations currently responding to a disaster

Stay Updated!

For information and updates on emergencies in your community, sign up for the Health Alert Network.



Tips and Guides For Preparing your Facility

 Below are some great resources to pull from when preparing for or responding to various types of emergencies:




Free webinars and 'learning courses' for your organization before, during or after disasters:

In response to the unprecedented flood season in the Midwest, Americares will be hosting a webinar to discuss emergency preparedness actions for safety net clinics that anticipate being impacted by the flooding. The webinar will focus on facility preparedness and strategies for health centers impacted by flooding. 

Free and Charitable Clinics are critical components of community emergency response and recovery. For many clinics, engaging in emergency preparedness activities can be challenging - especially when faced with time constraints, volunteer staff, and limited financial resources. This webinar will cover essential planning activities to ensure that clinics understand the fundamentals of preparedness so they are better positioned to support their communities during times of greatest need.


Blogs and Articles

Below are relevant articles for preparedness and response planning for your facility: