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Integrating Behavioral Health with Primary Care in a Safety Net Facility

Integrating behavioral health with primary care is a key driver to increasing access to behavioral health services for the uninsured and underinsured patient population. This section provides links to resources such as how- to guides, case studies, publications, screening tools/practice guidelines and links related to depression, alcohol and substance abuse, suicide prevention and more. All are designed to help safety net providers meet the behavioral health needs of their patients.

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Patient and Provider Education Resources

How To Guides

 Case Studies



Tools/Practice Guidelines/Screening Tools


Anxiety Disorders

Bipolar Disorder

Suicide Prevention

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Smoking Cessation

Integrating Behavioral Health with Primary Care

  • Partners in Health: Mental Health, Primary Care and Substance Use Interagency Collaboration Toolkit – Integrated Behavioral Health Project, California Mental Health Services Authority
  • Clinical Issues in Behavioral Health – National Association of Community Health Centers  
  • Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration (PBHCI) Program – SAMHSA/HRSA Center for Integrated Health
  • Atlas of Integrating Behavioral Health Care Quality Measures – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) 

Developing a Telemental Health Clinic

  • Eliminating Mental Health Disparities Developing a Telemental Health Clinic – University of Colorado, Denver

Patient Education Resources

Smoking Cessation


Professional Education Resources


Smoking Cessation