Increasing Access to Oral Health for the Uninsured and Underinsured

Access to oral health is a challenge for uninsured and underinsured individuals and their families.  Safety net oral health facilities help this vulnerable population meet that challenge.  This section provides tools and resources such as how- to guides, case studies, a variety of publications and links related to developing an oral health access program.  

Survey Results

How To Guides

Case Studies


Tools and Practice Guideslines

  • Clinical Recommendations from ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry - American Dental Association 
  • The Interprofessional Initiative is “the nation's only comprehensive oral health curriculum designed to enhance the role of primary care clinicians in the promotion of oral health for all age groups through interactive online learning.” They have invested in the development of a national curriculum, Smiles for Life.  Eight (current) 45-minute modules covering core areas of oral health relevant to physicians (American Academy of Family Physicians), nurses (NYU Nursing), PA’s, pediatricians and midwives.